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Testimonial – Cathy Rikhye
I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a relatively rare autoimmune system disorder of unknown etiology or cure in 1987.  Sarcoidosis can be asymptomatic and is undetectable unless one is receives an x-ray in which lymph glands may be enlarged, which was the case with me.  In the large majority of cases, the condition vanished, but in approximately 20% of cases, there may be a recurrence, and in a fractional minority, the condition can attach major organs and be fatal.  In more serious cases, the condition is treated with steroids....

In March, 2005 I began receiving acupuncture aimed at balancing my autoimmune system.  For three quarters of a year I continued acupuncture sessions.  I really had no concrete proof of whether there was any change in my condition.  In December, 2005 I went for my annual check-up and asked my internist to include the test for angiotensin co-enzyme (ACE) in my blood work.  The results came out the next week.  My level was down to 75…. Almost within the normal range. It was the first time in a decade that there had been any positive change in my low levels of inflammation indicated by ACE levels.
It can be argued that this was coincidence – that a sudden, significant change for the better in my blood levels indicating a reduction in sarcoidosis was part and parcel of the disease, which characteristically appears and goes into remission or disappears with no explanation that modern medicine has been able to provide.  While this may, indeed, be the case, it would also be reasonable to conclude that as the only major change in my environment or medical treatment had been the introduction of acupuncture, there was a correlation between the two.  For me, it is the only explanation that makes sense and, whatever the Western Medical preferences for treatment or lack of treatment, I am continuing to receive acupuncture treatments specifically aimed at creating autoimmune and systemic balance.  I think it works


I have started to experience palpitations in 2011 with episodes of full tachycardia, often happening at night.  At the time, my cardiologist ruled out any malignant issue and advised there was virtually nothing he could do to relieve me from it. Progressively, the symptoms got worse, and I was often awakened at night.  A visit to a second cardiologist detected a 44mm aneurysm caused by a bicuspid aorta valve. Although typically asymptomatic, in my case the consistent anxiety produced by the combination of discomfort and the diagnosis was taking a toll on my quality of life. Western medicine offered me medications to lower the blood pressure, in the hope it would hinder the growth of the aneurysm, but nothing to cope with the palpitations.

Acupuncture did.  Thanks to Dr. Kang's skills and dedication, in about a year of treatments (started from Oct. 2014) the palpitations have entirely disappeared.  The benefits of Dr. Kang's acupuncture are not limited to it.  My insomnia is gone, my approach to my condition has improved, and -overall- my health.  I couldn't have been more surprised when I walked in for treatment with a cold and walked out completely fine.  Although not an expert in acupuncture, I can affirm with no hesitation that it is a greatly efficient treatment with no side effect. My cardiologist supports me in getting these treatments, and found me very well in my last check up (Oct. 2015). Thank you, Dr. Kang.
Text message on 10/5/2015:
"GREAT NEWS! No surgery required, acupuncture fully worked. More testing coming this week, just wanted to share right away. Thanks Jia!!"

Text message on 10/15/2015: 
“The ECO came out my aneurysm measures 4cms, but the doctor wants me to run a CAT scan in June (2016) again because it NEVER happened that an aneurysm shrunk. Now if the aneurysm is smaller, it would be a FIRST in history! And you and acupuncture will have the merit for this!!”
Dr. Chiara Ajkun


I am very happy to share my testimony as Jia's acupuncture treatments have taken me from a 185 lb. pre-diabetic on Metformin and Glyburide and an A1c reading of 6.4 to165 lbs., off of my meds and averaging an A1c reading of 6.0!

She has also helped to remove a fungus on my right large toe, taken away my lower back pain, improved my eye sight and helped shrink my enlarged prostate!

Regarding my blood pressure, she helped lower it to around 120/70, which is pretty good for a 74 yr. old man!!!  She has also helped to lower stress in my life and shows great care and concern for her patients!

Dr. D. Domenic Guastaferro

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